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ABC Challenge #2 : B for Booty

So the B-word I am to write about is Booty! The term booty is  the slang for… buttocks. And I don’t know why the hell I’m writing about it.But, the word has been on my head-constantly.

Oh I think I know why I think too much about booty these days. The reason is the fact that the music industry has hit an all-time low with the songs on booty being made every ten-fifteen minutes. A song about it is being made even as I am typing out this post…..

I’m a big-bootied person myself and I find the attention around this particular female part rather puzzling.For a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons being the fact that…it is not a “female” part. Unlike the vagina or the breasts which are “characteristic” to the feminine, the booty is both a male and a female part. Although, I understand that women tend to accumulate fat around this region more than men.The second is the fact that the anus is no way a sexual part.( Fine! I know what butt sex is.)The anus is the opening through which people excrete. So if there is anything that the booty should represent, it sure as hell  is just as disgusting.And finally, there is the fact that this is really nothing to be proud of.


Like I mentioned earlier, since my butt is one that gets considerable attention, I think I am entitled to talk about it.

Don’t get me wrong- I love attention. I just don’t get why women like this kinda attention.More like- I don’t like the men that offer this kinda attention.Purely speaking for myself, I don’t seem to like the “ass-person”And I would never in this life get why any girl would.

Since this calls for some clarification, I should ask if you’re a girl and reading this…

Imagine yourself walking down a crowded street.There is this really good-looking guy you come across, you strive to hold his gaze.Where do you wish he looks at you first?The eyes? Right answer.And you’ve succeeded in getting him to notice you with all the appreciation.Where would you want him to look next?Let me put it this way,Would you not rather he looks you at a place where you can see his eyes go?That’s right.

The ass is not one such place.

Still don’t get what I’m saying?

Now the good-looking guy is not good-looking.He is an old creep and hasn’t had much in a long while.He looks at you “seductively”You want to avoid his attention.You turn around and walk the other way.His eyes just take the “something” rather than the “nothing”.This. Dear women, is the man that values your ass.The “ass guy” is the coward, the guy who sees you without having you notice him.

The kind of men that appreciate the ass are the kind of men that  get to see only the ass.

Let’s look at the women that talk about their ass too much.

Jennifer Lopez.

Ok. I do like her. Or I used to like her very much.She’s had an extremely successful career, and she also gets to judge “American Idol”But let’s face it. She is old news.Take away all the “good things” she has in life….What is left is just a menopausal chick working too hard to stay relevant.And appear young.

And then there is Nicki Minaj

It is no secret that Nicki Minaj is a poor joke.If or not she’s talented is a matter of debate.She covers herself in make up, wears insensible clothes, laughs weirdly…And…One way she distracts us from noticing these things about her is talk about her fake,fat ass.

Miley Cyrus


The women that love attention that their asses get are the kinda women that love just any attention.

That’s the reason this concept works.These are really, really desperate women telling really,really desperate men that they love being seen that way.

While this can be no farther than the truth.

And on the other hand we have the very talented Adele.We don’t know a thing about her ass. No one cares.Adele is a big woman too. But with no butt talks.

My advice to little girls-Just be an Adele.

While I don’t exactly hate the music that is being made as such…what bothers me really is what it stands for and what it implies about the world we live in today.

This is NOT feminism.It is a dangerous by-product of insecurity.It is the sinister cousin of sexual deprivation.It stands for everything that is wrong with the world today.

I am not saying it is wrong to feel proud of what you got.But being proud of it is one thing.


Putting one half of your own kind down because they’re lacking in something which you consider is desirable to the other kind (you can’t know for sure what men like)…is another.

And to think that you’re automatically entitled to being religion?

I think it is high time these women stopped telling other women what men like.It is about time they allow young girls to focus on building their career.It is about time songs are made about how sexy intelligence is. In women.

Men too.

It is about time you stop making songs about how much women like rolling their round, juicy asses in money.And how they love to orgasm in the back seat of a Lamborghini which is not their own.And…please no more songs about white chicks on black cock.

Your job is not to tell me how you want my breasts. What YOU want my body to look like.You don’t have the right to tell me how you want my thighs. And whatever is in between.

It is your responsibility however, to value my dignity.

And honor.

While you keep yours too.

Booty revolution? No, Thanks.