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Most annoying words/phrases in English

Time for another list, peeps!

Here’s a list of words/phrases which are overused/used incorrectly by so many people that it becomes annoying.

1. Literally

This had to be on the top. I hear a lot of this word in places it doesn’t have to be used-or shouldn’t rather. Take this sentence for example- I literally laughed my head off. No, you didn’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be living to say it. What it means is I did not literally laugh my heads off. I just don’t know what the word literally means.¬†Don’t do it. The word literally can never precede a figure of speech, because you will then be implying the opposite. Of course, you’re allowed to say I literally peed my pants, though. If you’re a two year old.

2. Tmeses

Ok. Tmeses are ¬†words which are formed by inserting a word in between the suffix and parent word of…a word. Examples are im-fucking-possible, un-fucking-believable. These words though could serve to emphasise what one has to say, they don’t make sense. It’s like someone forgot to use a word and you don’t know where to put it so you’ll cut a word in two and just leave it there.

3. Hedges

Well, I am guilty of this.Hedges are words that are used to reduce the intensity of whatever is following. Kind of, sort of…are all hedges. While, these words are generally helpful, they become annoying in answer to a yes/no question.

“Did you pass the exam?”

“Kind of”

See? It’s like you failed and passed the exam at the same time. Just answer the question with a yes or a no.

4. Typical

Aah. The word that teenagers use. Although I could just say I hate this word and stop with that because a majority would agree, I am going to try and explain why I find ‘typical’ annoying. It is because, most of the situations in which this word is used could be considered atypical. Like I hear women say- Men are so typical. First of all, men aren’t typical. There’s no such thing as a typical man. And secondly, you wouldn’t know because, you haven’t seen all the men. You’re generalizing and also sucking at it. All at once.

5. Love

The most beautiful feeling in this world. Also, according to me the fifth most annoying word. People just love everything these days- dogs, cats, food. But, it is even more so when the word love precedes an action. Like in – I love singing. No, you do not. You enjoy singing. You love your sexual partner. Your family. And a few friends.

6. All the time

Never use all the time unless you’re talking about something you’re actually doing all the time. Like breathing.

7. Last but not the least

I hate cliches! But this one takes the award home. I hear this a lot in acknowledgements and golden globe acceptance speeches. It is a dead give away that you’re being polite not to hurt the person whose name you’ve put in the end. It most definitely is the least important why else is it the last. There was this recipe which went…last but not the least, add sugar to taste…because sugar has feelings and it matters.

8. Too

Too much. Too good. Too gorgeous. Too hot. How much is too much! Unless we’re talking about a measurable quantity, and it has exceeded a standard amount, you’re doing it wrong.

9. Fillers

You know what’s the best filler? Silence. If you forgot what you had to say and you need time to think, just be quiet and think. Fillers can just make you come across as unprofessional and diffident and a person who has nothing to say-but fillers.

10. Absolutely

I really like this word. But the truth is there is no such thing as “absolute”. Unless, it has been proven otherwise. You’re not absolutely right, you just in agreement with your knowledge and reasoning believe that you’re right. You could be wrong and you don’t know that yet.