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2013 things my life has taught me

#1. Listen as much as you talk.

#10. Don’t let anyone dictate what you want in life.

#100. It is always just so much easier to please others than it is to please yourself.

#150. This too, shall pass.

#199. What is cute at three is stupid at twenty.

#200.    99.9999 < 100

#1000. Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

#1999. Just ask!

#2000.   Never be afraid to say sorry.

#2001. To err is human. To grr is animal.

#2002. Acknowledge all the little things other people do for you. 

#2003. You can learn things from the unlikeliest of people. There is never a person who isn’t capable of teaching you something.

#2004.   People are always worth another chance.

#2005. There are very few situations in life that licking chocolate sauce off your fingers can’t fix.

#2006. Each one is different. And in that very way we’re all the same.

#2007. Never read the end of a book first

#2008.  Laugh and cry whenever you feel like.

#2009.  Write an anonymous love letter addressed ‘To the one’ and leave it in a place where people can find it. Go on. You could make someone’s day.

#2010. Everybody has that one person that they can’t keep other people’s secrets from.

#2011. You couldn’t find what you’re looking for because it was on the third page of Google Search.

#2012. Never click a picture using the front camera of your phone to check on how you look.

#2013. New Year resolutions hold only as long as the year is new.

#2014. It is not entirely necessary to stick to numbers.

  Hope ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2014 ahead!!!!!!